The Xoxide It Takes Two Sale

Xoxide It Takes 2 Sale

The Xoxide It Takes Two Sale is a special sale. We realize that many of the greatest things in life come in pairs, including the twins above, and that is why we are offering you some of our favorite products at discounted prices when bought in pairs!

From September 14th to September 24th all of the products in this section automatically reduce themselves to a special pricing only available at quantities of two or greater. What should you do with the second item? Give it to a friend, family member, hot chick, or keep it for yourself you greedy greed pants. So go on and grab two, three, or even more at the Xoxide It Takes Two Sale because good things come in twos!

We are sorry, but the sale has ended.
Too bad...
Sooooo sad...
Better luck next time pal!