JETART CK4800 Nano Diamond Thermal

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Product Description

JETART’s CK4800 Nano Diamond Thermal material lets you put some serious heatsink power into your computer. The good people at JETART have created a product that produces outstanding results under high temperature times. The sweet name sounds like Japanese anime armor and for good reason. CK4800 Nano Diamond Thermal is made from material that is completely free of electrical conduction, different from many other metal based thermals, putting safety and total confidence into applying this JETART thermal. It is specially blended for performance computers, from their labs to your CPU. Aside from the cool name and outstanding results its one of the only products that is going to add 'Diamond Particles' to your computer…nothing like being able to say your computer stays cool thanks to the power of Diamond Particles.

  • Nano Diamond Material
  • Instant Conductivity
  • Total Insulation
  • Performance Driven and Safety Oriented
  • Color: Gray
  • Thermal Conductivity: > 4.8 W/m .° C
  • Thermal Impedance : < 0.065 ° C - in / W
  • Special Gravity: > 2.5
  • Operating Temp: - 50 ~ 240 ° C
  • Net Weight: 1.5g
  • Silicone Compounds: 50%
  • Carbon Compounds: 20%
  • Metal Oxide Compounds: 20%
  • Diamond Particles: 10%