Aerocool Jetmaster Jr PC Cases (Black)

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Product Description

You might think that good ol' Xoxide has gone into the market of jet packs after looking at the above picture. But, in fact, you would be wrong. This is the Aerocool Jetmaster Jr Case. This mid tower case has all kinds of goodies. For instance, it comes with one 12cm 4 bulb LED Fan in the front panel. There is also an 8cm 4 bulb blue LED Fan with a T3 Fan Grill in the side window. Just to the right of the giant Turbine looking fan hole on the front, there is a multimedia panel with USB, audio, and FireWire 1394 ports. There is also a fan speed control dial and a very stylish top carrying handle. This case comes with four 5.25" bays, two 3.5" external bays, and six 3.5" internal bays. Two additional 80mm fans can be added to the back of the case for superior cooling. Impress your friends. Impress your family. Impress the family dog. Do all of this with the Aerocool Jetmaster Jr Case.