Just in Case March 2010

Just in Case March 2010
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March, 2010 - We're settled into our new digs down here in sunny Florida and it's time to get back to business! I'm sure you know what that means... time for a new Just In Case article! Get your dremels and hole saws out, and let's begin!

Lian Li PC-B25FWSB Computer Case

Lian Li's PC-B25FWSB case is simple and elegant. One could even call it simply elegant. It's not gaudy or outlandish, yet it's still a great showpiece for those of you who like to display your rigs. The windowed side panel even allows for some custom lighting to show off your machine's inner beauty, because it's what's on the inside that counts, right?

The PC-B25FWSB already has some impressive control over it's noise output, but you can always help it out a bit with some deluxe rubber fan screws. To spice the outside up a bit, break out the tools and throw an illuminated switch on there in place of the regular power supply. The blue ring switch would match great with the blue ring on the front of the case. And since we all know it's not just the outside that needs love, toss some blue cathodes behind that windowed side panel for a great finish to this mod.




The Bottom Line:
Lian Li makes great cases, and you simply can't go wrong with the PC-B25FWSB. For those of you who like a little more eye-candy with a flair for customization, the blue lighting mods are simply awesome. And rubber screws keep things nice and quiet.

Recommended Mods for the Lian Li PC-B25FWSB case:

Deluxe Rubber Fan Screws
Our Price: $1.99
  12in Dual Blue Cold Cathode Kit
Regular: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.99


AeroCool BX-500 Gaming Computer Case

AeroCool's latest entry into the gaming case market is nothing to be scoffed at. This thing supports up to 10 fans straight out of the box, and I'm sure all you intrepid modders out there can find more spots to drill holes. You may be thinking, "With all those fan holes, won't my case get all dusty?" The short answer: No. AeroCool saw fit to include dust filters for not only the front intake, but the bottom intake as well. Thats right, theres a bottom intake fan. They've also gone ahead and drilled holes for tubing, if all that air cooling isn't doin' it for ya.

To kick off the mods for this gaming case, why don't we start with a new addition to Razer's line of gaming mice? The Razer Naga mouse was designed with MMO gamers in mind, sporting an astounding 17 buttons that are completely programmable, 12 of which are located on the side of the mouse for easy accessibility. That's a whole lotta macros on just your mouse! Next, we're going to recommend the ZEROtherm Nirvana CPU cooler. This cooler has an enormous 84.7 CFM airflow rating, which coincides perfectly with the BX-500. And finally, to keep all those fans doing exactly what you want them to, toss one or two of the Lamptron FAN-atic baybus in for good measure. This awesome baybus has three states for each switch (12v, 5v, OFF) and the LEDs actually change color depending on what state each switch is in.


The Bottom Line:
The BX-500 is any gamer's dream case and the Naga is any MMO gamer's dream mouse, what better pairing is there? ZEROtherm's cooler and Lamptron's baybus help round out this mod, and keep your dreams from becoming a nightmare.

Thermaltake Level 10 Computer Case

Thermaltake's Level 10 case is the stuff of legends. One of our customers summed it up best when he said this case looks so good, he'd buy it even if he never used a computer, just to look at it! Resulting from a collaboration between Thermaltake, BMW Group, and DesignWorksUSA, the Level 10 features a fully-compartmentalized design and an open modular structure. Since your components are isolated in this case, it allows your cooling systems to work much more efficiently by only needing to cool the component they were made to cool, instead of your entire case. It's the computing equivalent of having A/C units in every room in the house, instead of just the kitchen.

You may be thinking, "This case is so FREAKIN' COOL already, what could you possibly do to it to make it better??" Well, the answer is, not much. Chances are, if you're sinking this much money into your case alone, you want some serious performance. Which is why we chose these three mods for this case. The Cyber Snipa Warboard is a great gaming keyboard, boasting 17 replaceable combat keys in addition to the dedicated programmable macro buttons. The Silencer laser mouse, also from Cyber Snipa, is a personal favorite. The contour is comfortable, it has an adjustable weight system, the powerful programming is very easy to use, and the on-the-fly DPI switching is seamless. And to power it all, go with the Kingwin MACH1 1000W power supply. A modular, performance-minded power supply for a modular, performance-minded case. A perfect fit!



The Bottom Line:
Thermaltake's Level 10 case is pure awesome, and peripherals by Cyber Snipa can only make it better. Throw in a power supply by one of the best manufacturers out there, Kingwin, and you have a recipe for win. Start saving!

Recommended Mods for the Thermaltake Level 10 Computer Case:

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard
Regular: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
Cyber Snipa Silencer Laser Mouse
Regular: $54.99
Sale Price: $49.99
Kingwin MACH 1 1000W Modular Power Supply
Regular: $289.99
Sale Price: $205.99