Kingwin Black KT436 - Three Windows!

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Product Description

The Kingwin 436 - WM is the Pre-Mod Dream. This case is the only case offered with windows on three sides! The left and right side of the case each have a full size window secured by flat head screws. Then the top of the case has a full top window mounted the same way. The top window also includes an 80mm exhaust securly mounted in the acrylic.

On top of that this the case is made of full alumminum. The front bezel is made of aluminum, but acrylic covers it for a nice finish. The front of the case supports four front USB, one firewire, and two audio ports. The interior of the case includes 4 80mm fans. Two fans are located in the front to pull air over the hard drive racks. And two more fans are located at the back of the case for exhuast puposes. This way the air will flow in from the front, move over the hard drives, and then the motherboard and finally out either the top or back. Overall this case is very light weight and extremely well done. It has been considered the pre-modded dream case.


  • High Ventilation Aluminum-Mg Alloy Case
  • 4 Front USB Port
  • Front Black Faceplate
  • 1 Front Firewire Port
  • Clear Acrylic Glass Front Panel
  • 1 Front Microphone Jack
  • 3 Clear Acrylic Glass Windows
  • 1 Front Earphone Jack
  • 5 x Case Fans
  • Slide Out Mother Board Plate

    Case TypeMid Tower
    Case Color Black
    Case Material Aluminum
    Case Dimensions500 mm x 210 mm x 460 mm
    Front Accessible Bays 4 x 5.25', 3 x 3.5'
    Internal Bays 6 x 3.5' HDD
    Main Board SizeATX
    Power Supply ATX, PS/2
    Expansion Slots 7
    Cooling System 5 x 80mm fans (included)