Kikboxes NorthWater Black Steel Xoxide Fan Grill - 120mm

Kikboxes NorthWater Black Steel Xoxide Fan Grill - 120mm
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Product Description

Kikboxes and NorthWater will kick yo eyes with their new line of super slick custom fan grilles for your computer. Each fan grill comes with a sack of nuts and bolts for mounting hardware and is fabricated out of wickedly sweet high-quality 18 gauge steel which is powder coated for a glorious and hard finish!

The Kikboxes-NorthWater Black Steel Xoxide Fan Grille allows you to throw up your true colors at your next LAN party! Everyone will know your tricked out case parts came from the original computer rebels and not some faceless evil corporation or boring cookie-cutter company that will take your money and just leave you out in the cold. Like the Jolly Roger thrown up on the high seas, the Kikboxes-NorthWater Black Steel Xoxide 120mm Fan Grill lets the world know that you will not conform!

  • Size: 120mm Fans
  • Material: 18 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coated
  • Hardware Included: Yes