Koolance CHC-122 Chipset Water Block (no nozzles)

Koolance CHC-122 Chipset Water Block (no nozzles)
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Product Description

Koolance CHC-122 Chipset Water Block (no nozzles)
The CHC-122 has improved heat transfer over the earlier CHC-120. It is designed to provide high efficiency liquid cooling for motherboard northbridge and southbridge chipsets. Versatile mounting hardware allows the CHC-122 to cool almost all types of mainboards, or other heat sources up to approximately 175W. Materials include a solid high-density copper cold plate, brass top, and anti-corrosive nickel plating. G 1/4 BSP nozzle threading, nozzles not included.

On certain motherboards, the CHC-122 may conflict with PCI-Express cards if placed on a southbridge chipset (due to the nozzles). The CHC-125 is recommended to alleviate this issue. Also note that barb nozzles should be used with the CHC-122 because of its small footprint. Compression fittings are generally too wide to fit.