Koolance CTR-CD12 Pump & Fan Controller With Display

Koolance CTR-CD12 Pump & Fan Controller With Display
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Product Description

Koolance CTR-CD12 Pump & Fan Controller With Display
The CTR-CD12 is a pump and fan speed controller and temperature monitoring unit in a 5.25" drive bay profile. This unit incorporates all-new Koolance electronics, with a 2-line VFD dot matrix display for deeper user control and feedback:
  • Configure a dynamic fan ramp based on min/max temperature set points
  • Show flow rate in LPM or GPM (optional Koolance flow meter required)
  • Show pump and fan RPM
  • Select only the values you want displayed
  • Adjust alarm and shutdown points independentally for all temperature sensors (3 included)
  • Controls a 12VDC pump with 10 user levels up to 2.2A
  • Fan output up to 2A on each connector
The CTR-CD12 has three 3-pin fan outputs. To connect more than three fans, simply add them together with a wiring harness. The pump output is also 3-pin, requiring a Molex 4-pin adapter (included) if using the Koolance PMP-450/S pump.

Model CTR-CD12
Materials Aluminum
Product Dimensions WxHxD 5.9" x 1.65" x 3.74" (15cm x 4.2cm x 9.5cm)
Product Weight 15 oz (425g)

Components Included

5.25" bay unit (front display, control board), 3 x temperature sensors, ATX pass-through wire, bay mounting screws, manual