Koolance 3x120mm Aluminum Radiator/Fans/Shroud (No Nozzles)

Koolance 3x120mm Aluminum Radiator/Fans/Shroud (No Nozzles)
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Product Description

The EHX-1020 is a dual-pass, triple-120mm fan heat exchanger, rated to about 1000W of heat dissipation. Three fans and a brushed aluminum shroud are included. This is the unit incorporated into Koolance PC4-1000 series systems, but provided separately for 3rd-party chassis integration.

When mounting in the top of a case, the EHX-1020 radiator will usually occupy the top 5.25" bay and requires 2 inches (51mm) of space above an upper-mounted power supply. 8 mounting screws and metal bushings are included.

NOTE: The EHX-1020 is not sold as a consumer-level product, and does not include instructions on mounting the unit into a chassis. Unless mounted in an external enclosure, it will require permanent modification to the computer chassis. If you are not familiar with cutting tools, or are not capable of safely performing such alterations to your case, please consider an integrated solution. Technical support with regard to chassis modification is not provided.

Includes radiator with fan shroud, 3 fans, and 8 mounting screws with bushings.