Koolance INX-720BK Internal Cooling System - Black

Koolance INX-720BK Internal Cooling System - Black
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Product Description

Koolance INX-720BK Internal Cooling System - Black
The INX-720 is the complete internal cooling unit used in Koolance PC3-700 series systems. This is provided for those who wish to install it into a 3rd-party case. The INX-720 includes the mounting hardware required for installation, and a stencil for tracing the proper shape onto the chassis.

The INX-720 cooling system will occupy the top 5.25" bay of a case, and requires 2 inches (51mm) of space above the power supply in the rear. Due to this, the only cases used by Koolance have been Lian-Li V-Series and Chenming/Chieftec 601 & 602.

This product requires permanent modification to your chassis (stencil available below). If you are not familiar with cutting tools, or are not capable of safely performing such alterations to your case, please consider an integrated Koolance solution. Technical support with regard to basic chassis modification is not provided by Koolance or Xoxide.

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  • Materials: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic
  • Tubing Size: 3/8" ID (10mm)
  • Dimensions: 419 x 180 x 82.6mm (W x H x D)

NOTE: Waterblocks such as the CPU, hard drive, and video/motherboard chipset are not included. To operate the system at minimum, a CPU cooler is required. Other liquid components (such as the radiator, pumps, and LED display) come pre-installed.