Koolance KIT-XB360 Xbox 360 Dual Cooler Kit

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Product Description

The Xbox360 is one of the hottest gaming console on the market today...but it is also one of the hottest running! Now you can super cool your Xbox360 the same way computer modders and overclockers have done for years with watercooling!

Forget messy rigging of hardware not designed to work with your Xbox360's processor and graphics processor. Koolance's dual cooler kit for the Xbox 360 features both CPU and GPU liquid blocks, along with special hardware for mounting these components. This kit allows connection to any external watercooling kit, or external heat exchanger and pump system, such as Koolance's Exos systems.

  • CPU Water Block
  • GPU Water Block
  • 1/4"" (6mm) ID Tubing with Anti-Kink Springs
  • Hose Clamps
  • Mounting Hardware
  • External Nozzles
  • Thermal Paste

NOTE: Modifying the Xbox 360 for liquid cooling is not for the faint of heart. Although minimal changes are actually required for the Xbox360, it can be a labor-intensive task that should only be attempted by experienced individuals. Any manufacturer warranty on the Xbox 360 is voided by installing or using this product. Koolance does not provide any proprietary instructions for disassembling or modifying the Xbox, nor for attaching the cooling components. To maintain Koolance's product warranty on this kit, Koolance liquid coolant must be used. Koolance's product warranty does not extend to the Xbox 360 hardware.