Koolance Low-Conductivity 700mL Coolant - Clear

Koolance Low-Conductivity 700mL Coolant - Clear
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Product Description

Koolance low-conductivity (only 0.36 micro Siemens!) non-toxic liquid coolant. Pre-mixed with corrosion and biological inhibitors. The bottle includes a flexible rubber funnel and small segment of 1/8" ID tubing to make reservoir filling easier.

The total amount is 700mL (23.67 fl oz), which should be a little more than you'll need to fill a typical Koolance system.

"Low-Conductivity" vs. "Non-Conductive"

Liquid coolant mixtures based primarily on water will conduct some amount of electricity. With the exception of the power supply, however, computer hardware is generally of low enough current not to conduct significantly through these types of fluids. Keep in mind that foreign debris (such as dust) will increase the conductivity of water-based coolants.

In contrast with some coolant manufacturers, Koolance feels that "Non-Conductive" is an improper term for water-based coolants. Although their coolant is actually of greater electrical resistance than many other brands available today, they feel a more correct term for this type of coolant is "Low-Conductivity".

NOTE: Coolants with high electrical insulation also have a somewhat lower heat transfer rate. If optimal thermal performance is desired, we recommend a high performance coolant.