Koolance EXOS Water Cooling Kit

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Product Description

p>Bring powerful liquid cooling technology to an existing computer! The Koolance Exos™ is Koolance's first self-contained PC liquid cooling system.

Koolance maintains its reputation for professional products by simplifying installation-- there is no need for special tools or case modifications. Utilizing a patent-pending design, the Exos™ connects to any PC through a standard rear card slot.

Components Included:

External Chassis, heat exchanger (radiator), reservoir & pumps, top cooling module with fans, LED display, power control board, slot interface, quick-release valves, User Manual, liquid bottle, funnel, tubing, attachment strips/pads, & various smaller components.

Disclaimer - We do not provide any form of technical support, replacement or other support on any Koolance parts for the Koolance Exos. We only support the product non DOA, and if you have a product damaged in shipping, you should contact us directly.

** Liquid coolers (CPU, hard drive, chipsets) and optional attachment strap are purchased separately.