Koolance PC2-C

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Product Description

Koolance incorporate cutting edge technology into an affordable, easy, and reliable case. They have made liquid cooling available to everyone without the risk of damaging their system components. Their multiple safety precautions mean that even if one of the liquid cooling parts were to fail, none of your components are damaged. Not only do they use top quality pumps, they include two of them so that if one was to break, the other would keep the liquid cooling system working. There is an LED temperature monitor on top of the case. If the temperature rises too high, the case will sound an alarm and automatically shut itself off if necessary.

Note: The case does NOT come with the components needed to cool your system. It includes the dual pumps, reservoir, and the radiator. Components such as the CPU and video cooler will have to be purchased seperately at the bottom of the page. Temperature-wise, a Koolance system has plenty of expansion room. As processors evolve, socket compatibility is easily accomplished through simple bracket or component replacements. Below is a general CPU compatibility chart:

CPU Cooler CPU-300
- Intel Pentium-4 socket 478
- Intel P-4 Xeon socket 603/604 (with adapter)
- Intel P-III & Celeron socket 370
- AMD Athlon XP & Duron socket 462
- AMD Opteron & Athlon 64 FX socket 940 (with adapter)
- AMD Athlon 64 socket 754 (with adapter)

The motherboard cooler cools the chipset of the motherboard. The chipset is the component of the motherboard that handles all kinds of important functions. We recommend that you add a motherboard cooler to ensure that the chipset is operating at an efficient temperature.

A video cooling system is absolutely essential to every system these days. Manufacturers are including fans to help cool the video cards but sometimes they are simply not enough. A video cooler provides a much more efficient means of cooling your video card. It will fit almost all video cards. If you have a geforce4 card, you may need a spacer if your GPU is surrounded by a heatsink.

The hard drive makes the most mechanical movement out of any computer system. All this movement equates to a large amount of heat that is generated. By adding a Hard drive cooler, You will prolong the life of your hard drive by making sure that it does not over heat. You will also protect other components in your system because the heat from the hard drive will not dissipate to near by components.

If you want to cool a second hard drive you do not need to purchase two hard drive coolers. You can purchase a second hard drive cooler kit which is an add-on to the hard drive cooler.

Case Specifications:
Dimensions: 469.9mm x 190.5 mm x 463.6 mm (L x W x H)
Drive bays: 7 Total: (3)5.25' , (2) 3.5', (2)3.5' hidden 
M/B Type: ATX Form Factor (accepts most boards up to 12.5' x 10.5')