mod/smart Koustix - Rubber Isolation Feet (4 Pack)

mod/smart Koustix - Rubber Isolation Feet (4 Pack)
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Product Description

mod/smart Koustix - Rubber Isolation Feet (4 Pack)
Computers and noise now seem to go hand and hand. The vibration from fans, heatsinks, and cooling pumps all add to the overall noise of your system. As this noise is produced, it is transferred to the metal casing of your computer, then continues to your desk or floor creating even more noise. Almost every case on the market today includes some type of plastic feet or even wheels, however they do not consider the noise transfer and therefore contain no isolation measures to avoid it. mod/smart brings you yet another solution! An excellent 4 pack of rubber feet to help combat vibrations, and the silence you desire.

Koustix Feet Features:

* Solid Rubber Construction * Quality Molded parts with less mold lines * Wider/Lower profile for high vibration isolation * High Performance 3M adhesive backing * High Tear/Abrasion Resistance - Perfect for LAN Part Cases


* Foot Height: 8.8mm (0.346 in) * Foot Diameter Base: 29.6mm (1.165 in) * Foot Diameter Adhesive Side: 31.6mm (1.244 in) * Foot Inner Height: 4.9mm (0.192 in) * Foot Inner Diameter: 20.2mm (0.795 in) * Color Gloss Black