Kingwin AWC-1 Arctic Computer Liquid Cooling System

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Product Description

So you have wanted to transform your fan cooled computer into a water cooled system, but you have never really known where to start. Well, here is the perfect opportunity. The Kingwin AWC-1 Arctic Liquid Cooler System has all of the components that you need to get started and start enjoying the wonderful world of water cooled computer systems. First, this kit comes with an external water supply, fan speed controller, LCD panel display, liquid cooler mainframe, a CPU block, a VGA block, a second radiator, clips for AMD Athlon XP, AMD Athlon 64, and P4, clips for Nvidia and ATI VGA card, thermistor cables, thermal tape, and antifreeze water.

This kit is very compatible with most systems out there. This kit supports AMD K8 Opertron and Athlon 64, AMD K7 (Socket 462) Athlon XP 3200+ and higher, Intel PIII (Socket 370) all speed support, and Intel P4 (Socket 478) 3.2 GHZ and higher. For the VGA card, this kit supports Nvidia and ATI VGA.

So make the move to the cool world of water cooled computer systems, and use the Kingwin AWC-1 Arctic Liquid Cooler System to make the move easy.