Lamptron Slot Protectors - UV Blue

Lamptron Slot Protectors - UV Blue
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Product Description

Lamptron Slot Protectors - UV Blue
The inside of a computer case is often covered in dust. More importantly, dust can settle inside unoccupied PCI and RAM slots.

Over time, the dusts build-up can become significant enough to cause contact problems with newly installed PCI cards or extra RAM memory.


Ram Slot Protector--3pcs
PCI Slot Protector--3pcs
PCI-E 1x Slot Protector--2pcs
PCI-E 16x Slot Protector--2pcs

Color Available: UV Red, UV Green, UV Blue, Semi Transparent Black, Semi Transparent White

    * Easy to install
    * Great for case mods
    * Protect you PC slots from dust