Laptop Lifts

Laptop Lifts
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Laptop Lifts

Who hasn't knocked over a coffee or energy drink while working on your laptop? All you can do is watch and pray that you didn't fry your motherboard. Laptop Lifts are a simple, but effective solution for your clumsiness and a variety of other potential laptop hazards!
They Protect From Heat:

Your computer will last longer and run faster if it is allowed to cool off!
The airspace that is created under your computer allows heat to flow away.

They Protect From Spills:

A single spill can turn your brand new laptop into trash. The repair bill can be 60% of the replacement cost of the computer or more and losing your data can be devastating. Your laptop is most vulnerable when you put it down "just for a second" - with your coffee and car keys while you answer that important call on the way out the door. Your work environment can affect your risk as well - children, pets, and slobs create table based accidents waiting to happen.

They Provide a Secure Grip:

Laptop Lifts make handling your computer a breeze. A computer can be carried with confidence just by holding the Laptop lift. It is much easier to lift the computer off of the table when it is raised slightly and you can get your fingertips under the body of the machine.

Laptop Lifts provide stability and protect your computer from slipping. You will feel the difference immediately and your productivity will increase!
Your computer will be firm and solid - no more sliding around on the desk.
You can concentrate on your work, not a juggling act, and you have this workspace at every table that you use! This picture shows someone knocking the sides of the computer. With Laptop Lifts it does not move at all!

They Protect From Scratches:

Laptop Lifts protect the underside of your computer from scratching and other digs and wear. the labels will remain intact with the software registration numbers and serial numbers. You will need to be able to read the registration number from the bottom of your machine in order to recover the operating system that came with your computer or receive technical support. You will also be able to place your computer on furniture without worrying about scratching it.