LED Sunlight Stick - Blue

LED Sunlight Stick - Blue
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Product Description

LED Sunlight Stick - Blue
Want to shed a little light on those dark and dingy recesses of your computer case? Boasting 18 built-in LED's and a length of 12 inches, this Blue LED Sunlight Stick is here to brighten things up within any modded chassis. Awash in a sea of cool blue, the Logisys LED Sunlight Stick features 27.5 long 22AWG wires with both male and female molex 4-pin connectors. The 22AWG wires can also be cut to two bare wires, allowing the user more room to fit a variety of different applications.

  • 11.8" Acrylic Tube
  • 18pc LED Lights
  • 27.5"(70 cm) Wire Length
  • 22 AWG Wire w/ 4-Pin Male & Female Connectors
  • Wire Can Be Cut Bare for DIY Projects
  • 12V DC Input
  • 2 x Molex Connectors (Male & Female)