LED Sunlight Stick - White

LED Sunlight Stick - White
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Product Description

LED Sunlight Stick - White
After consuming all those caffeinated energy drinks, there's a good chance that your slowly rotting teeth could probably use some whitening. While you're at it, it looks like that dark and dingy PC of yours could use some, too. Boasting 18 built-in LED's and a length of 12 inches, this White LED Sunlight Stick is here to brighten things up within any modded chassis.

Sure to give your PC a healthy dose of white power (the tolerant kind, that is), the Logisys LED Sunlight Stick features 27.5 long 22AWG wires with both male and female molex 4-pin connectors. The 22AWG wires can also be cut to two bare wires, allowing the user more room to fit a variety of different applications.

  • 11.8" Acrylic Tube
  • 18pc LED Lights
  • 27.5"(70 cm) Wire Length
  • 22 AWG Wire w/ 4-Pin Male & Female Connectors
  • Wire Can Be Cut Bare for DIY Projects
  • 12V DC Input
  • 2 x Molex Connectors (Male & Female)