Lian Li PC-6070 (Silent)

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Product Description

This case was specially designed with the sound conscientious modder in mind. To start, the case is built with high-grade aluminum. Also, the case also comes packed with noise minimizing features. For one, the front bezel door is made with insulating rubber to lower vibrations in the case from CD-Rom's or other interior devices, thus decreasing sound volume. The case comes stock with three (3) 80mm fans, all with adjustable controllers to lower volume. Lastly, the chassis is built using sound insulation foam in all the prime places. This insulation lessens all sound that would normally be associated with your computer.

Product Specification:
  • Dimension: 210x460x525mm(W,H,D)
  • Drive bays: 4x5.25",3x3.5",5x3.5" internal**
  • Fan: 3 x low noise ball bearing fans included**
  • M/B type: ATX & pentium 4 (MAX SIZE: 12"x9.6")
  • Front USB: 2 ports (support USB 2.0)
Product Feature / Commentary:
  • PC-6070
  • Slidable M/B tray
  • Horizontal converter kit for HDD inner rack**
  • Super bright HDD and PWR LED
  • Tool-less detachanle Aluminum Door with sound insulating rubber
  • Top, front and Side panels with sound insulating foam