Lian Li 5..25" Temerature Monitor (Black, Silver)

The LIAN LI LCD thermometer lets you monitor the temperature inside your computer case. With an LCD thermometer, you can take protective measures before your computer overheats. The plate is made of aluminum with a brushed finish. The thermometer is available in black and silver colors.

Features & Specifications:
  • Check your temps at a glance with this stylish alloy monitor.
  • Twin LCD displays are set in bare-metal 5.25"" plate.
  • The temperature probes can be located where you wish (within approx 80cm).
  • Displays are powered by button battery cells (included).
  • Thermometer held in by a fine-thread screw on either side.
  • Sticky-tape included to attach probes.
  • The T-4 thermal sensors can detect from -40 to 90C.
  • The sensors are the super-thin plastic sheet type, which makes it easy to wedge them into small gaps, like the one between a CPU and its heat sink.
  • The device requires no power connector. The T-4 runs from batteries, with low enough current drain to make an on/off switch unnecessary. It'll display temperatures even when your computer is turned off.

Measures in Celsius