Modtek 400W ATX Power Supply

Modtek 400W ATX Power Supply
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Product Description

This glorious item you're currently gazing upon is a 400w Power Supply from our World Famous Alien-X Case. That's right, a few Xoxide employees located at our Area 51 offices have performed a top-secret autopsy on these extraterrestrial cases and removed a vital organ. Their power supply.

Make no mistake, it was simply imperative that we perform this operation and sell these two items separately. Together, they could very well lead to a mass overtaking of our planet by little green men...and no Earthling wants to deal with that, right?

Max Power 400 Watts Motherboard
1 x 20/24-pin

  • 400w Power Supply
  • Form Factor: ATX
  • Mainboard Form Factor: 20/24-pin Connector
  • On / Off Switch

It has the following connections:

1x 20+4pin Motherboard, 4x 4-pin molex, 2x sata, 1x P4, 1x FDD