Linchi X-Chill Notebook Cooler

Linchi X-Chill Notebook Cooler
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Product Description

Yes, this notebook cooler is shaped like an X. No, we won't be making any "extreme!" jokes. Now that we're past that, let's get to the goods. This puppy has got a 120mm blue LED fan, as well as adjustable feet to sit at the most comfortable angle for you. It also has a built-in USB hub and fan speed controller. Oh, and of course, IT'S X-TREME TO THE MAXXXXX!!!


  • Unit Size: 365x290x54mm
  • Unit Weight:0.73kg
  • FanDimension:120x120x25mm
  • Speed:750-1500 rpm
  • Air Flow:23x44xCFM
  • Noise Level:11DBA(Min)
  • Rated Current:0.4A(Max)
  • Voltage:5V DC
  • Power:2W