Logisys 12V 15A Momentary Relay with Remote Control

Logisys 12V 15A Momentary Relay with Remote Control
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Product Description

This ingenious kit allows you to remotely control any 12 Volt DC device. Perfect for controlling any 12V devices such as Lights, Fans, Landscaping Lighting and more. The kit includes one 12 Volt DC remote relay switch receiver, and two automotive quality key for transmitters. This easy-to- wire kit is perfect for anybody with a basic knowledge of electrical wiring, and can easily be wired to many 12V applications. For PC Modders, the end of result of the Remote Control 12VDC kit are truly impressive and are sure to ooh and ah the crowd. For DIYers, the kit will give some magical effect to your projects.
  • Remote On and Off control for any 12 Volt DC devices such as computer accessories, auto lighting kits, or other electronic applications
  • High quality micro key fob construction similar to automotive keyless entry systems
  • Easy to wire with basic electrical wiring knowledge
  • Receiver Input Voltage: 12VDC
  • Receiver Output Voltage: 12VDC
  • Receiver Output Current: 15 Amp Maximum
  • Receiver Wiring:
  • Red: +12VDC In
  • White: +12VDC Out
  • Black: Ground
  • Black: Ground
  • Blue: Antenna
  • Remote control unit us 12VDC battery: BT12A27
  • Remote control: Single button, press to turn-on, release to turn-off.