Logisys 4 Channel Remote Control Kit

Logisys 4 Channel Remote Control Kit
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Product Description

Finally, a remote that will truly make you feel like a reigning technological god in your own home, allowing you complete control over all of your electronics. The Logisys 4-Channel is a wireless remote control with the ability to switch on and off up to 4 different devices, including various computer accessories, automated lighting kits, landscaping controls, and a number of other electronic equipment.

Before you get too excited about simplifying your electronics, remember this: a bit of hands-on skills may be required for proper installation of the Remote Control Kit.

  • Wireless remote ON/OFF switch for 12V DC supply
  • Handset Battery: 12V Alkaline Battery
  • Receiver: Combine 4 receivers in 1 package
  • Input Voltage: DC 12Volt
  • Output Voltage: DC 12Volt
  • Output Current: Max 6Amp per channel