Logisys Aluminum Hard Drive Silencer - Blue

Logisys Aluminum Hard Drive Silencer - Blue
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Product Description

Is your hard drive too noisy? If clicks and hums are keeping you up at night, invest in a Logisys Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler. This high quality unit will cool your hard drive (up to 10,000 rpm) using an efficient finned aluminum chassis. This will dissipate heat generated by your hard drive, extending its life and protecting the integrity of your precious data.

For noise control, this unit mounts your hard drive on rubber blocks, which isolates the drive and prevents those annoying clicking and whirring noises from being transmitted to your case, where they are normally amplified. This unit is compatible with all data transfer formats, and fits conveniently into one 5.25" drive bay. It can sit behind one of your case's drive covers if you like, but includes a finished face with the Logisys logo on it should you choose to display your hard drive silencer.

Features and Specifications:
  • Reduces hard drive noise by over 95%
  • Compatible with 3.5" x 1" hard drives (up to 10,000 rpm)
  • Compatible with all data interfaces
  • Does not affect hard drive performance
  • Fits into standard 5.25" bay
  • Mounts behind drive bay cover if desired
  • Easy to transfer to new machine
  • Manufactured from 100% aluminum for maximum heat dissipation
  • Rubber mounting blocks for eliminating vibration transfer

Note: This item is not compatible with slide-mount drive bays.