Logisys Blue LED Clear Acrylic Computer Speakers - Open Box

Logisys Blue LED Clear Acrylic Computer Speakers - Open Box
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Logisys Blue LED Clear Acrylic Computer Speakers - Open Box
*Note - This item is brand new, but has damaged outside box. The unit itself is in perfect condition.

The Logisys Clear Acrylic 2.1 Gaming Speakers with Blue LEDs are the perfect addition to an already hooked up system. These completely clear speakers provide a sweet sound and an out of this world look too, while the blue LEDs flash dance to your music. These bad boys can be hooked up to your PC, TV, and even your gaming console systems. Set up these clear speakers and wait for the questioning to begin. You could even tell your friends it's a transmitter to your home planet, because you know they are on to you!


  • Independent amplifier with front control knobs to easily adjust bass, treble and master volume.
  • Independent Passive Woofer can be placed anywhere you like.
  • V10 Satellite Speaker Unit with unique clear heavy-duty design is featured by wide frequency response, exact positioning and high resolution.
  • Internal blue LEDs flash to the music.
  • External fuse setting to ensure the safety and longevity of the system.
  • This speaker system can be directly connected to the audio output of PC, VCD, CD, DVD or TV.
  • Multi-way inputs, suitable connection either to PC or VCD, CD and TV, etc.
  • Master Volume control knob.
  • The whole system is magnetically shielded to avoid interference with PC, Monitor or TV.

  • Power Output: (woofer) 16W RMS
    (Satellite)12Wx 2 RMS
  • Frequency Response: (Woofer) 30Hz-120Hz
    (Satellite) 120Hz-20Hz
  • Sensitivity Input: 300mV
  • Distortion: 0.3% at 1W 1HKz
  • S/N Ratio: more than 65dB
  • Separation: more than 40dB Driver Unit: (Woofer Driver) 5.25" magnetically shielded
    (Satellite Driver) 2.5" magnetically shielded
  • Audio Input Socket: (Input 1) 3.5mm stereo plug
    (Input 2) RCA plug
  • Audio Output Socket: RCA socket
  • Product Size: 201x72x12mm(Amplifier) 230x230x260(Woofer Speaker) 100x100x100mm(Satellite Speaker)
NOTE: Let's go back to elementary school for a minute...3rd grade-ish should be sufficient. Open up your science primers to the section on reactivity...there ya go! This item is a sound reactive product therefore the louder/more powerful the music, the more it will react and the brighter it will light subsequently the quieter/lower the power the music is the dimmer it will flash! The satellites flash with the mid to treble range and the subwoofer flashes with the bass. OK...you can put your books away now. It is time for recess! Tether Ball...Woohoo!