Logisys CG4400BL 4400mAH Portable Device Charger

Logisys CG4400BL 4400mAH Portable Device Charger
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Product Description

Logisys CG4400BL 4400mAH Portable Device Charger

Logisys 4400mAh Portable Battery Charger allows you to charge virtually any USB-powered device when you don't have easy access to an AC outlet. Supported devices include iPad, iPad 2, New iPad, iPhone 3/4, iPod touch, Motorola Droid, Blackberry, and more!

This charger employs lithium-ion battery technology and has a rapid charge feature that lets your device charge faster than an electrical AC outlet. A handy indicator light allows you to keep tabs on how much battery power is remaining to charge your devices. There's also an on/off button to conserve power.

Featuring a lightweight form factor, this charger can easily be packed into a bag or backpack for travel. And it eliminates the need to carry around each original car charger for your individual devices. So wherever your path takes you, rest assured that your devices will stay powered and ready to go when you need them.

  • Product Size: 94x46X21MM (3.70" x1.80" x 0.84")
  • Product Weight:160G
  • Protection: Short Circuit / Over Charge / Over Discharge / Over Current
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Capacity: 4400mAH
  • Rated Wattage: 4.16W
  • Rated Input: 5.0V 800mA
  • Rated Output: 5.0V 800mA
  • Full Charge Time: 2~3 Hours
  • Working Temperature: 0~26C
  • Working Humidity: 20% ~ 78%
  • Storage Temperature: -10C ~ 48C
  • Storage Humidity: 20% ~ 78%
  • Application: iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung, Nokia, PSP, GPS, MP3