Logisys 8" Corner Light Bar - Green

Logisys 8" Corner Light Bar - Green
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Product Description

Logisys 8" Corner Light Bar - Green
Wanna shed some light on the corners of your cave room? Maybe you just have a dimly-lit desk area? No matter your lighting woes, we have the solution: the Corner Light Bars from Logisys! Providing 90 degrees of ultra-bright light in a small, easy-to-install package, these are the perfect lights for any corner you can find to put them in!

  • Long life
  • Low heat output
  • Small size (base dimension 10mm x 10mm)
  • Easy Grip Connector
  • Easy installation
  • Triangular enclosure for easy corner applications
  • 16" wire
  • Included installation kit and Velcro tape