Logisys Deluxe 5.25in Multi Function Panel - Silver

Logisys Deluxe 5.25in Multi Function Panel - Silver
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Product Description

*Note - Dented box, but the unit is guaranteed to be 100% perfect condition.

The new Logisys Deluxe Multi Function Panel is a great way to add functionality to your computer. It encompasses three main features in one easy-to-use, compact package: card reader, thermal LCD controller/reader, and front I/O. The card reader is a multislot design that can accomodate Compact Flash cards type I/II, MicroDrives, Memory Sticks, Memory Stick Pros, Memory Stick Duos, Memory Stick Duo Pros, SD Cards, MMC cards and SM cards. The LCD panel allows you to monitor temperatures, set alarms, and control two independent channels of fans.

The front I/O portion of the panel allows you to connect USB, IEEE1394 Firewire, Audio, Video, and SATA devices to your computer. One unique feature of this panel is that it connects to the headers on your motherboard, not to the rear I/O plate connectors as most panels do. This approach has many benefits: it is the technically correct way to do it, reduces messy wiring and clutter, and allows you to expand the number of ports your computer has instead of simply relocating them from back to front.

Features and Specifications:
  • Stylish push-to-open cover
  • High-speed USB 2.0 compatible
  • Backwards compatible with USB 1.1
  • Four memory slots address nine formats
  • All four slots are active which allows cross-slot transfers
  • LED display shows power on and drive access
  • LCD display shows two fan RPM and monitors two temperature zones
  • Over-temperature alarm
  • Fan failure alarm
  • Compatible with motherboard fan signal detection
  • Thirteen I/O ports:
    • USB2.0: 2
    • IEEE1394 Firewire: 1
    • Speaker: 1
    • Microphone: 1
    • Earphone: 1
    • Memory card reader: 4
    • A/V: 1
    • SATA Data: 1
    • Sata Power: 1