Logisys Digital Fan Controller - 3.5 Silver

Logisys Digital Fan Controller - 3.5 Silver
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Product Description

Wish you could have the stability and reliability of a system with temperature and fan monitoring, but canÂ’t spare a 5.25 inch drive bay? Well, we at Xoxide feel your pain, so we bring you the Logisys 3.5 inch Digital Fan Controller. This little guy includes all the essentials for keeping tabs on 3 fan and temperature channels, without the fat. The front bezel encompasses a bright blue LED display that relays temperature and fan rpm for each channel, HDD activity, and the current time. A loud alarm warns you of a dangerous temperature presence, or fan failure. So now you donÂ’t have to choose whether to sacrifice one of your precious 5.25 bays or to sacrifice a safely monitoring your system, with the Logisys 3.5 inch Digital Fan Controller.

  • 3 thermal sensors monitor CPU, HDD, and System temperature
  • 3 programmable temperature sensors
  • Displays 3 fan speeds
  • Time display
  • Temperature display (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Temperature setting is automatically stored
  • Alarm warning for over heat and fan failure
*Note: This fan controller uses pulse width modulation (PWM) to adjust your fan speed. This will cause LED fans to blink.