*Limited Edition* Logisys Dracula Case - Black/Chrome

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Product Description

You find yourself in the corner of your room, curled up into a ball, trembling with fear. You hear a wolf howl at the full moon that is glowing bright through your window. You look down to double check your inventory. Cross...check. Garlic...check. Holy water...holy water...what happened to your holy water? Oh well, it probably doesn't even work against...against...you look up to see a figure before you that renders you frozen with fear. Those eyes...those wings...is it a bat? Is it...could it be? Yes, it is the UPS guy with your brand new Logisys Dracula Case. Why does the UPS guy have wings? Who knows? But the important part is that you now have the Dracula Case.

Right out of the box, you are impressed with the look of the case. Open the front panel and you will see the four 5.25' bays and the two external 3.5' bays. The eyes of this case light up when the power is on. Towards the bottom of the front bezel is what looks like a mouth. Buried under that front mouth design are front USB and audio ports. Both sides of the case feature a wing design to add to the Dracula theme. On one side of the case is a great window to allow you to show off even more of your case. In that window is a pre-installed blue LED 80mm fan. Around back is a pre-installed 120mm fan for even more cooling. There is room up front for an optional 120mm fan. Inside the case, you will find four 3.5' internal bays and a standard motherboard tray.

So don't fear the UPS guy, but watch as your friends and peers fear you and your new Dracula case.

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