Logisys Jumbo Lazer LED - Amber

Logisys Jumbo Lazer LED - Amber
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Product Description

Holy Aurora Borealis Batman! No not the Northern Lights, the Jumbo Laser LED from Logisys. This unit contains 5 super bright Laser LEDs to brightly illuminate anything in their path. The bright illumination delivers a stellar effect.

  • LEDs: 5
  • Color Pattern: Laser
  • Angles:
    • Two outer set LEDs: 45 degree angle
    • Two mid set LEDs: 60 degree
    • Center LED: 90 degree
  • Dimensions: 65mm (W) x 16mm (L)x 10mm (H)
  • Connector: 22" Bare Wire (no Molex)

    *New color that is not yet sold in in retail packaging.