PC Extension Station

PC Extension Station
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Product Description

PC Extension Station
The PC Extension Station is an ingenious devise the may look like your ordinary monitor stand...but it is FAR from ordinary. The Station starts off with a fused power strip in the rear with five outlets. Each of the outlets can be controlled individually with switches on the front, and there is also a master on/off switch.

A built-in four port high speed USB2.0 hub allows you to easy connect devices such as memory keys, MP3 players, digital cameras, etc. conveniently right under your monitor. A 1.2 meter USB cable is included to attach the hub to your computer. A handy little storage draw for items such as memory cards, keys, tools, etc. allows these easy to loose items to be contained on your desktop.

Here comes the really exciting part for you extreme case modding people! There is a 3.5" drive bay and also the drawer can be removed and reveals a 5.25" drive bay allowing you to install devices such as an optical drive, fan controller, card reader, or if you are really sick in the head...a 5.25" floppy drive! Oh the humanity! Wiring for the drive bays is up to you, so only serious case modders need apply in that department.

Looking for a product that has mad potential to set your system apart from the pack, or just want a new toy to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? The PC Extension Station is truly a unique product for truly unique systems and computer users!

  • Extends important features of your case to your desktop
  • Doubles as an LCD monitor stand (Up to 22.5kg)
  • Built-in high speed four port USB2.0 hub
  • Fuse protected power strip with master on/off and individual on/off switches
  • 5.25" bay draw can be used for storage or removed and a 5.25" device installed
  • 3.5" bay for mounting a 3.5" device
  • Includes a 1.2 meter USB cable and 60cm power cord
  • Dimensions: 540 x 240mm (W x D)