Logisys Remote Control Wall Outlet (x4)

Logisys Remote Control Wall Outlet (x4)
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Product Description

Logisys Remote Control Wall Outlet (x4)
Turn things on and off...electrical things...by remote! Lighting, computer equipment, audio-video equipment, blenders, the possibilities are as endless as the empty space between many people's ears. This is the Logisys Remote Control Quad Wall Outlet Kit!

And did I mention that you will be receiving four base units that are all controllable with a singular remote control? The base units support up to 750 watts each allowing you to connect and control most household items from as far as 100 feet away! So get to controlling some electrical stuffs...you can do it...you can do it all day and night long with the Logisys Remote Control Quad Wall Outlet Kit!

  • Low power consumption
  • Feature remote Multi-con setting to avoid interference when other radio devices are emitting around your home or neighborhood
  • Long lasting battery
  • Plug and Play features, no extra tools required
  • Compact designs to fit any tight space
  • Remote Response Range: 0~100ft
  • Operating Voltage: 110~120VAC
  • Operating Frequency: 50~60Hz
  • Maximum Power Output: 750W
  • Bandwidth: 433.92MHz
NOTE: For indoor use only. Do not overload, may destroy base unit and pose a possible fire hazard.)