Aerocool Lubic P3519 (Blue) Custom Mid Tower

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Product Description

The Aerocool Lubic Custom computer case is designed for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. The kit comes complete with pieces to create your very own computer case. Anything is possible with Lubic! You can create a 'Scorpion' case, an 'Elephant' case, a 'B-52 Bomber' case or anything you can imagine.

The Lubic kit comes complete with a CD tutorial on how to make several different types of cases. This includes a standard arrangement, and many other wacky ideas.

Kit Includes:
352mm frame 14pcs
192mm frame 8pcs
stainless steel angle joint - three sides and oval hole 4pcs
stainless steel angle joint - two sides and oval hole 4pcs
#1 screw (M4x6) 60pcs
#2 screw (M4x8) 100pcs
#3 set screw 20pcs
#4 disk screw 29pcs
#5 power supply screw 4pcs
#6 HDD screw 8pcs
slider (3-holes: 2xM4+1xM3) 90pcs
slider(1-hole: M4) 300pcs
motherboard standoff 9pcs
L-shape piece 36pcs
switch with screw 1pcs
hex wrench 1pcs
metal foot stand 4pcs
acrylic panel for ATX motherboard 1pcs