LUXEED U7 Crossover LED Illuminated Keyboard - White

LUXEED U7 Crossover LED Illuminated Keyboard - White
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Product Description

If you were to beat a rainbow to death with a computer keyboard, the result of your luminocide would probably look a lot like this LED illuminated keyboard by Luxeed. These extremely stylish input devices feature 430 separate LEDs, each fully customizable to shine whatever color of the spectrum you'd like. What this means is, you can customize each key on the board to shine a different color... How cool is that!? Each keyboard comes with built-in software to make changing the colors around a cinch, and you can even swap between different "color skins" saved to your keyboard with a single press of a button! Create custom profiles for games, apps and more, or just give yourself that American Flag keyboard layout you've always wanted. The options are endless!