LUXEED U7 Crossover LED Illuminated Keyboard - Black

LUXEED U7 Crossover LED Illuminated Keyboard - Black
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Product Description

LUXEED U7 Crossover LED Illuminated Keyboard - Black
Combining both the elegant design of the U5 and the power of the raMa, the new LUXEED U7 Crossover lets users switch between Plug & Play method or Software Control method for versatility. Use plug & play for easy color effects, or switch to software control for more advanced animation styles like MuSkins™. (MuSkins™ software is a add-on software sold separately.) Do more than color: interact with the world around you! Whlie keeping the same breathtaking effects and features of its predecessors, the U7 now allows you to save an unlimited number of ColorSkins™. Share your creations with other LUXEED users across the world. With the new MuSkins™ feature, LUXEED U7 can also sense and interact with your music. Adjustable brightness controls, integrated multimedia keys, and four easy-recall buttons still make the LUXEED a dynamic, fully customizable all-in-one solution.

  • Patented design
  • Switchable between Plug & Play method and Software Controlled method
  • by installing U7 program (sold separately)
  • Individual key color coding
  • Compatible with Windows/ Mac/ Linux in Plug & Play method
  • Compatible with Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 in Software Controlled method
  • Create and save ColorSkins™ unlimitedly
  • Perfect Anti-Ghosting
  • Music interactivity with MuSkins™ software (sold separately)
  • Spark, Rainbow, Slideshow, Animation effects
  • Energy Efficient
  • Interchangeable Keys (extra keys sold separately)

    You may download the manual in advance by clicking here.

    5-year Warranty
    Any defective keyboards, even cuased by customer's misuse, within 5 years from the point of purchasing, will be repaired free of charge or replaced if necessary, with the condition of postage prepaid by each sender.

    All black case with semi-transparent white keys, Individual key color coding, Switchable between Plug & Play method and Software Controlled method, MuSkins™ feature, One silicon KeySkin enclosed [Note] Either U7 program or MuSkins™ software is sold separately.


    » Weight: 793g (1-3/4 lb)
    » Power Consumption: 2 watts
    » Height: 24mm (1")
    » Depth: 180mm (7-3/32")
    » Width: 380mm (15")