MadModz Go Green XBOX 360 Controller D-PAD

MadModz Go Green XBOX 360 Controller D-PAD
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Product Description

MadModz Go Green XBOX 360 Controller D-PAD
MadModz Go Green; Save Gas, Save The Planet, Stay Inside! Xbox 360 D-Pad.

The sun is shining, it's warm and gorgeous out, perfect pool weather, right? That means dealing with harmful car emissions, lunatic drivers, expensive gas, pool fees, public restrooms and the uncomfortable realization that a beginner swim class just ended, leaving the water…warmer… than usual. Errr…I wonder if any of my friends are on Xbox Live…

MadModz is now offering its own XBOX 360 D-Pad replacements for the XBOX 360 wireless controller!

Whether your controller is standard or modded, these are sure to benefit your controller's aesthetics and functionality.

Unlike other D-Pads on the market, ours is a two-piece set.

  • Direct replacement for all XBOX 360 controllers.
  • Two-piece set like factory XBOX 360 D-Pad.
  • Available in 14 colors.
  • Durable ABS plastic structure.
  • Simple installation.