Mana Energy Potion - 50ml

Mana Energy Potion - 50ml
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Mana Energy Potion - 50ml
Made by gamers for gamers, Mana Energy Potion is a premium energy shot that's been unleashed by the mystical wizards of the netherworld and hand-delivered to us (pretty nice of them, huh?).

Composed of a super-potent tonic that contains a ton of vitamins, no sugar, and most importantly, no crash. Mana Energy Potion is the ideal beverage for anyone who plans on a long night of gaming, partying, dragon-slaying, and of course, orc-tossing.

This particular bottle of Mana Energy Potion is 50mL, and only contains 20 calories. Best of all, this bottle is made of plastic, so don't you worry your pretty little elven head that these suckers will break on delivery.

Xoxide Zach says - I always use this when I am running around Xoxide using my Level 43 Magic Amulet of Fast Shipping. After I fill your order one or two of these restore my powers. Don't believe me? Order this and see how quick you get it!