Matrox TripleHead2Go - Analog

Matrox TripleHead2Go - Analog
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Product Description

Matrox TripleHead2Go - Analog
Experience Surround Graphics
Building on the award-winning DualHead2Go technology, Matrox is proud to present TripleHead2Go, a palm-sized box that uniquely allows you to add two or three monitors with a combined resolution of up to 3840 x 1024 to your workstation, gaming system or laptop, even if that system only supports a single display output. For example, connecting three 19" monitors would give your desktop an incredible 45" of total diagonal. The latest in Matrox's new series of Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs), TripleHead2Go delivers incredible productivity boosts to office work, Surround Design to workstation environments for professionals and an immersive Surround Gaming experience to enthusiasts with support for over 150 popular gaming titles.

TripleHead2Go is not a graphics card but an external box that harnesses your system's existing graphics solution (including SLI) for rendering of all 2D, 3D and video, and adds multi-monitor support. TripleHead2Go appears to your system as an ultra-widescreen 3840x1024* monitor and simply connects to your computer via a standard analog VGA monitor cable. Using Matrox patent-pending technology, TripleHead2Go then splits the 3840 x 1024 Microsoft Windows desktop into three separate 1280 x 1024 screens of information, and displays across three independent 1280 x 1024 monitors. There is no image distortion and no scaling to the original raw pixels generated from the existing graphics accelerator.

Surround Design
Running 3D and DCC applications fully accelerated across three screens, known here as Surround Design, provides a tremendous benefit for 3D visualization and workflow management for cutting edge workstation users. Supplying maximum screen real estate, TripleHead2Go offers a significant productivity boost enabling support for an ultra-wide TripleHead windows desktop for use with professional applications. TripleHead2Go uniquely allows you to upgrade existing certified, mission-critical workstations to TripleHead displays for Surround Design without opening the PC tower case or installing a new graphics solution. Workstations based on a single graphics card or even workstation-class laptops can achieve three screen output.

Office Productivity
Business professionals and home office users alike reap the benefits of multi-display to be more productive. They incorporate simple tools such as TripleHead2Go because the impact on productivity has proven to be significant when adding additional displays to a workspace. Multi-display set-ups allow users to access key information instantly, organize data more efficiently and benefit from simplified management of multiple documents or applications. And TripleHead2Go is so flexible it also runs in DualHead mode: if you aren't ready to use three displays, start by connecting only two additional displays and then add a third display at a later date. Simplify your evaluation process by qualifying only one solution for both dual and triple display set-ups. With TripleHead2Go you can see more, do more and be more productive.

Surround Gaming
Three screens enable a totally immersive Surround Gaming experience, allowing you to see the gaming environment as if you were looking through an extra wide-angle camera lens; it just makes your games more fun. Matrox TripleHead2Go is the only solution on the market to enable Surround Gaming by expanding supported 3D games across three displays and providing a much wider in-game field of view (FOV). Bridging the gap between virtual reality and reality, this panoramic view of the game fully engages your peripheral vision on the side displays, with the main point of focus on the center display. TripleHead2Go supports over 150 popular games including id Software's Quake 4, UbiSoft's Brother's in Arms: Earned in Blood, Microsoft's Age of Empires III, 10tacle studios AG's GTR, Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight and many more, and is compatible with many high end gaming GPU solutions including SLI.

Portability and installation
Light-weight and ultra-compact, you can easily take TripleHead2Go with you and experience all the benefits of a surround desktop at the office, at interactive customer design reviews or at LAN parties.

Unlike installing a new graphics card, TripleHead2Go doesn't require opening your computer, inserting parts into it, or replacing any hardware or software.

Setup is a easy as 1, 2, 3. Once the software is installed, it's basically just a matter of connecting your monitors.

All mode setting is available through Display Properties -> Settings. Compatibility TripleHead2Go is compatible with many professional and enthusiast class desktop and laptop PCs equipped with certain NVIDIA and ATI enabled graphics chipsets and add-in-boards (including multi-GPU configurations). Maximum resolutions supported may vary depending on the GPU version. An updated matrix of GPU version and maximum resolution supported is available on the compatibility page.

Inside the box:
  • TripleHead2Go connector box
  • 2-foot HD15-to-HD15 (analog) monitor cable
  • 2-foot DVI-I to VGA cable
  • External 5VDC power adapter
  • Region-specific power cable(s)
  • Quickstart paper and CD, which includes the following software:
    • Install package
    • PowerDesk SE (includes Image quality adjustment, center popup, window management, etc.)
    • Electronic Product Manual
    • Matrox Surround Gaming Utility