Xoxide MegaCube Case

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Product Description

The MegaCube case, most simply put, is a beast. This steel server chassis is suitable for the most hardcore PC or server. The case offers an astonishing sixteen 5.25' bays and seven total fans, six of which are 120mm. The MegaCube is known throughout the Xoxide shipping department as the 'hernia box' weighing in at 73lbs. The interior of this case is enourmous, roomy enough to fit any of your disliked family members.

This case is the modders dream. Whether it be extreme water cooling or air cooling this case is it. The case offers more options for modification than any other on the market. With its size and modder friendly build nearly anything can be done with this case. It is clearly only for the most elite modders.

The case comes fully equipped with a caster kit, which is optional to install, so that you can actually move this thing around. It also features lockable front and side doors and drive rails for each drive for easy accessibility.

Case Specifications:
Dimensions: 17' x 20.8 x 25' (W,H,D)
Drive bays: Total: (16) 5.25' External, (3) 3.5' External, (4) 3.5' Internal
Maximum Fans: 80mm x 1 and 120mm x 6