Mega Mod LED Bundle - The Red Light Special

Mega Mod LED Bundle - The Red Light Special
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Product Description

When someone wants to up the "sexy" factor of their college bachelor pad, there's not a whole lot of people out there who would start with their PC. Well, screw the norm, because if you're someone who loves to mod, you know just how cool a fully-rigged computer case can look with the right lighting.

That's where Xoxide's Mega Mod LED Bundle comes in.

Using the kit included in this Bundle, you can fully bathe your PC head-to-toe in the ultra-sexy glow of red LEDs. With an array of features that include lazer light kits, footstep mods, and cold cathodes, your PC will sensuously emit the amorous look of love. Topping it all off is the CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 120mm Fan, which features a setting that allows you to program whatever text display you please (even a few dirty sweet nothings to entice that special someone you brought back to your pad).

LED Bundle Includes:
  • 16015 - Red Lazer LED Light Kit
  • 16020 - LED Acrylic Footstep Mod (Red)
  • 182 - 12in Dual Red Cold Cathode Kit
  • 37002 - CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 120mm Fan