Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard w/ Wrist Rest - Black

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Product Description

The Illuminated Keyboard - Light up Keyboard is the perfect inexpensive addition to you home or work computer. It will have family members and co-workers in awe. Each of the keys is individually backlit with a light up EL film which can be turned on and off at the owners convenience. Not only do the keys light up a deep blue but the keyboard has super bright blue LEDs above the 'Num Lock' 'Scroll Lock' and 'Caps Lock'.

This keyboard is not only a guaranteed jaw dropper, but also available at a fraction of the cost of the competition. In addition to being cheaper then the competition the keyboard is also more then twice as bright then other brand name keyboards.

The Black Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard is also the only illuminated keyboard on the market with multimedia keys. This simple but great addition puts Volume Controls and Internet Commands at your fingertips.

Dimensions: 406x181x51mm

  • PS/2 Interface
  • Mid-Size Keyboard
  • Volume Control Keys
  • Internet Hot Keys
  • Translucent white keys
  • Blue EL film lights up keys
  • Soft tactile feedback
  • On/Off switch to control light
  • 99 Keys
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems