ModMyToys Solid Copper Passive Micro-Heatsink Nickel-Plated (4)

ModMyToys Solid Copper Passive Micro-Heatsink  Nickel-Plated (4)
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Product Description

ModMyToys Solid Copper Passive Micro-Heatsink  Nickel-Plated (4)
ModMyToys is pleased to offer the most versatile micro-heatsink in the market! These 8mm square micro-sinks are made of SOLID COPPER and not cheap aluminum like other brands! What does this mean? It means that these copper sinks will remove heat almost twice as well of similar sized aluminum heatsinks. We purposely designed these as 8mm square so that they can virtually fit any chipset on your motherboard, video card, raid controller, sound card, etc. The shape of the fins also allow stacking of chips so you can go long or wide as needed to completely cover the component you are cooling. If you feel any chip that is running hot in your system give these little treasures a try and see how they remove heat. Each micro-sink comes with T405 tape, the best high performance heat transfer adhesive, for easy installation. If you are into overclocking your hardware you know that every little thing you can do to remove heat will maximize that overclock. For you hardcore modders, these are an essential element to your system builds!

  • Solid Copper Micro-sinks for the best heat transfer
  • Versatile and compact design with stacking possible!
  • Easy to install
  • Premium T405 heat-conductive adhesive tape
  • Available in black and nickel electroplating
  • Solid Copper Design
  • Dimensions: 8mm x 8mm
  • T405 Thermal interface Tape
  • Bag of 4 micro-sinks included