mod/smart Kobra Cables 8pin 12volt EPS Power Extension (UV Blue) 24 Inch

mod/smart Kobra Cables 8pin 12volt EPS Power Extension (UV Blue) 24 Inch
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Product Description

Introducing the new Kobra Line of Single Sleeved Cables!

Need to clean up the inside of your system with style and functionality? Need your PSU cable to be a tad bit longer for that new "Monster case" you just built? Well look no further than the new "Kobra SS (Single Sleeve) Cables". These cables are the finest sleeved extension cables you can purchase without feeling frayed.

Kobra has done it again with the Kobra Cables 24pin Motherboard Power Extension - Carbon Fiber - 24 Inch. Now all your extension and adapter cables are available factory sleeved in colors single braid style! These cables are 24 in length and have all color connectors!

  • Built in the USA.
  • Available with matching connectors (no extra charges)
  • Tight, High Density Sleeving which protects and hides wires while increasing air flow.
  • Available in 3 convenient lengths instead of two, fits any size case or application.
  • Provides a professional finished look by reducing the amount of traditionally used heatshrink by 50%
  • Matching Heatshrink / Sleeving
  • 24 Inches in Length
  • Retail Packed w/ UPC
  • Length: 24 in
  • Sleeve Color: Blue
  • Heatshrink Color: Blue
  • Connector Color: Blue