mod/smart Supreme System Sleeving Kit - Black

mod/smart Supreme System Sleeving Kit - Black
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Product Description

mod/smart Supreme System Sleeving Kit - Black
Are you tired of boring wires running throughout your case? Want to clean up ALL your wires? Want to have all your wires match your clips and zips? Need the right tools? The mod/smart System Sleeving Kit is the perfect solution for you for more reasons than you may realize. Not only does it make your case look great by reducing clutter and color coordinating all parts, it also protects your wires and increases airflow therefore decreasing heat and prolonging the life of your components.

Heat is the #1 enemy of your personal computer and it has been scientifically proven that by providing adequate cooling to hot running systems, their life span is increased by 20-30%.

Harness your tangled mess of wires and save your components by utilizing the simple to use mod/smart system sleeving kit.

Used by the PROs ready for EVERYONE!

BONUS: Now includes upgraded powder coated steel tools, with the addition of 1x Floppy and Fan Extractor Tool and 1x Auxillary Extractor Tool!

  • 20 ft- 1/4" Sleeving
  • 10ft- 3/8" Sleeving
  • 2ft- 1/4" Heatshrink
  • 2ft - 3/8" Heatshrink
  • 24x 4" Zip Ties
  • 10x 1/2" Twist Lock
  • 4x Zip Tie Mount Small
  • 3x 3/8" Wire Clip
  • 1x Universal Molex Extractor
  • 1x Floppy and fan Extractor
  • 1x Auxillary extractor
  • 1x ATX extractor