Modtek 2.4 GHz Wireless Blue Backlit Keyboard

Modtek 2.4 GHz Wireless Blue Backlit Keyboard
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Product Description

Displaying a simple yet vivid elegance, this ultra-high quality, illuminated keyboard from Modtek features the ability to switch on a great blue keyboard illumination, even while you're not tied to your PC. With the 2.4Ghz wireless USB mini-emitter, you can take it anywhere in your room and never lose sight of it with it's great blue backlighting. It's easy to turn the illumination on and off and even adjust the brightness with the touch of a button. It's even fully rechargeable with the included mini-USB cord…no batteries required! How great is that?! Whether it's for late night gaming or you just have vampire tendencies, you'll love the wireless convenience and impressive illumination of the Modtek Wireless Backlit Keyboard!

It's glossy finish and silky smooth keys will surely impress, as will the subtle, yet powerful glow from the backlit keys.

  • Blue Backlit Character Illumination
  • Large ENTER Key / Double sized BACKSPACE key
  • Ultra Slim Design w/ Glossy Black & Matte Black Paint
  • 2.4 GHz wireless with included emitter and USB charging cable.
  • Dimensions 18" x 6 1/4" x 1"