Modtek Dual Color Backlit Keyboard

Modtek Dual Color Backlit Keyboard
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Product Description

Modtek Dual Color Backlit Keyboard
Displaying a simple yet vivid elegance, this ultra-high quality, illuminated keyboard from Modtek features the ability to switch your display between a two-color (green and blue) keyboard illumination. With a simple click of the "ILLUMINATION" key located in the top right corner of the board, you'll be able to experience the impressive visuals whenever you choose, whether it's late night gaming, or you just have vampire tendencies.

It's glossy finish, long cord and silky smooth keys will surely impress, as will the subtle, yet powerful glow from the backlit keys.

  • Two Color (Green & Blue) Character Illumination
  • Large ENTER Key / Doublesized BACKSPACE key
  • Ultra Slim Design w/ Glossy Black & Matte Black Paint
  • Long 7-Foot Cord (w/ USB)
  • Dimensions 18" x 6 1/4" x 1"
  • Note - To switch colors, press the Scroll key while holding down the Function (Fn) key.

    Xoxide Zach says - This illuminated keyboard from Modtek is a sight to behold! With both blue AND green backlighting, satisfying your need for change is as easy as pressing a button! I love using it for those late-night gaming sessions!